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What do you do when you're a group of nerds in a night club? What do you do when you have to interact with the outside world? What do you do when you are taken away from the comfort of your video games? What do you do? What do WE do?

Nerds in a Nightclub is a text adventure game with an audio/visual component where you determine how to act whilst in a nightclub that you've been dragged to thanks to it being your friend's birthday. You have several options of how to go about your night, including hanging out with your chums, hitting on the local ladies plus more. This is our third completed Game Jam as Team *Facedesk*, this time featuring the artistic abilities of Nick Harbour. We hope you enjoy this game of which we're sure resonates in some way with some of you.

*Potential Epilepsy Warning* - Parts of the game contains flashing colour/fast colour colour change which may affect those with epilepsy.


NiaN_Win.zip 8 MB